Supplies for Christmas, 2016

My niece made a scarf for her mom last Christmas that I loved. It surprised me to learn how easy it was to knit because of the special Sashay yarn. I picked up 2 skeins after Christmas last year.

I planned on giving these as gifts to friends for their January birthdays, but I only had one completed in time. They became Christmas presents. We had our gift exchange two weeks ago and the difference in lengths of the two scarves was amazing.

The first one I knitted every three strands; it was thick and warm. The second I knitted every two strands and it was longer. She will be able to tie it in the fashionable, fancy ways used on plain scarves.

I am the most excited about a gift I have for my oldest son. It was also something that I started last year. If you don’t have time to make that special gift this year, get the materials and you can start in January.

Two Sashay yarn scarves I knitted.

Two Sashay yarn scarves I knitted.

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