Merry, Imperfect Christmas

My husband came home from the grocery store with a great deal…Dark Chocolate Milk and Mint Chocolate Milk for a dollar! My daughter immediately asked what the expiration date was. It was for the next day.

My son, the barista, said, “Hey, you could use the mint one in your coffee!”

The “Dark Chocolate Milk” disappeared before supper time and there was very little “Mint Chocolate Milk” left the next morning. But my son was right…it tasted wonderful in my coffee!

I used up the "Mint Chocolate Milk" in my coffee.

I used up the “Mint Chocolate Milk” in my coffee.


We all want to have a perfect Christmas, but that never happens! The best memories are when things go wrong and we have to be creative. So today, I wish you a “Merry, Imperfect Christmas!”