My Husband Lost His Job

When I signed up for “Blogging 101,” I knew it would be difficult. I had no idea how heartrending the first assignment would be. We are to write who we are and why we are blogging.

I went back to my “About” page,, in this blog and made adjustments. I was able to add two more goals met: paying off the house and paying cash to replace our van. But I had to add, that after working for 30 years at a Lumberyard, my husband was laid off last Friday. The Lumberyard is for sale and his former boss is hoping the new owner will rehire him, but there are no guarantees.

Why am I blogging? My friends asked me to write down the little things I do to make things last longer, organizing my home, decorating my home and doing it without spending money. I worked as a bookkeeper for a church for almost 25 years and I learned how to stretch a dollar just to survive!

That is still my goal – to survive during this time that we both are unemployed and our youngest finishes up college. Odd, the only one in this house that is gainfully employed is our son!

I would like to connect with others who are surviving without running up a large credit card bill; those who live beneath their means. Unfortunately, today I am not even sure what our “means” will be.

I do know it is a new year and we have a totally blank page with which to work.

The filler paper I made for my Day-Timer using my kids loose leaf paper.

The filler paper I made for my Day-Timer using my kids loose leaf paper.




8 thoughts on “My Husband Lost His Job

  1. I wanted to click ‘like’, but it didn’t quite seem appropriate! I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s job, but well done for being brave enough to share with the whole world. Good luck!


  2. Having and keeping a job in this time is very difficult. Aren’t you glad that you did not look to Fairfield Lumber to supply your needs? God says he will supply our needs and he won’t change his mind or forget you. I have been facing this reality a lot lately. Several of my coworkers found out right before Christmas they no longer had a job. Some were given the choice to return to the floor but many were long time employees that were told their position was not part of the changes for 2015. While this was going on one of the guys I do paperwork for was let go. It created an atmosphere of fear and disappointment. I was worried too. I am returning to work today and have no idea what the future holds from my salary to where my office will be. At times like these and when our President makes decisions I do not believe is in our countries best interest, I tell people that fortunately I do not rely on my job or governments to meet my needs. God provided this job for me and if I get let go it will be God’s will. I really love my job and hope I can continue working there but if for some reason I leave, my choice or not, God will provide. When we needed a place to rent he provided a home to buy, when we both needed jobs, he provided good jobs not just a job that barely pays our bills. And when we needed dependable vehicles to make it to our good jobs he provided that too. I didn’t understand why I hit two deer and totaled my car, but now I look back and realize I would not have the truck I am driving which is a much better vehicle for me. I also look back and remember the jobs I thought I really wanted but didn’t get because he had something much better for me. Your family is in my daily prayers already and I will continue pray that God will lead David to his next job or way to make a living. One avenue to get a job is to register with agencies that hire employees temporarily but may lead to a full time job. I will let you know if I see anything at work. We have jobs that he would be able to use his past experience.
    And our company pays well I think. I’ll know more when I go to work today. Every closed door leads to a new beginning. I pray that his new beginning will be something he excels at and enjoys.



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