What Needs Eaten?

My grape tomatoes were wrinkled and dried up. I love salads and make a fresh one for lunch each day, but those tomatoes were looking like raisins.

Then I remembered…many chefs use “sun-dried tomatoes.” Maybe I could use these, ahem, “dried tomatoes” in a recipe. I decided to make “Cheap, Child-friendly Chili,” http://wp.me/pKNzn-jM.

When the wrinkled grape tomatoes were added to the chili, they plumped right back up! They added a bit more flavor to it.

I was inspired. I would take the chili we made on Saturday night and mix it with cooked macaroni making “Chili Mac.” I knew I could freeze half of it for later and get two more dinners out of that one pound of ground beef.

But…alas…I fell asleep on Sunday afternoon. By the time I woke up most of the chili was gone. In fact, it looked more like tomato soup! But I am going to try harder to use up the oldest ingredients first.

Chili made with formerly wrinkled grape tomatoes.

Chili made with formerly wrinkled grape tomatoes.



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