Christmas Eyes

I woke up with “Christmas Eyes.”

What are those, you ask?

That is when my normally hazel eyes, look green and bright, bloodshot red.

I avoid Christmas Eyes because they bring all sorts of nasty gifts: watering and mucus, that leads to infection, that leads to sinusitis, that leads to bronchitis, that eventually leads to pneumonia!

Yeah. I like to stop it before any gunk appears.

The first step is to determine what has set them off: Ragweed, tree pollen, grass pollen, animal dander, dust, or a sad movie. Yes, excessive crying can cause my eyes to react, too.

It’s January; which means I can rule out the sad movies. The Christmas movies are over and Hallmark has rolled out their Valentine series.

It’s also Iowa; which means the low is 7 below and I doubt there are any grass, trees, or weeds that have survived.

Animal dander. When was the last time I was around a dog? Um, August? That would really be a delayed reaction!

Dust. The Christmas decorations on a shelf in the garage. I do admit the house does not get dusted as thoroughly during December because of all the decorations…I just don’t get into the corners as well. But the shelves are bare.

The Valentine decorations made it as far as the dining room table and are not yet charming vignettes.

That leaves one last thing – the furnace filter.

We have an “asthma/allergy” filter that removes everything from the air. Unfortunately, we have to vacuum it and clean it with a power washer at the car wash once a month.

We try to clean it on the first of the month, but the weather does not cooperate in the winter. We couldn’t remember when it had last been cleaned.

I needed a visible reminder to tell me the last time we cleaned it. I pondered that as I poured myself a glass of water.

Yuk. When was the last time I changed Pur filter?

I looked at the sticker on the side and saw it needed replacing, too. I pulled out another filter from the three pack and rinsed it. The sticker that comes with each filter fell on the floor.

I usually just throw it away because I am able to move the indicator sticker around on the circle calendar on the pitcher.

Then it hit me. That is just what I need to indicate the date we cleaned the furnace filter!

I went downstairs and slapped that puppy on my furnace.

When did I wash the furnace filter?

When did I wash the furnace filter?

The second step is Benadryl and Patanol eye drops. I’m done with Christmas Eyes!

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