Can’t Recycle Forever

It was when I was decorating for Valentine’s Day that I found this to be true. I wanted to use the colors pink and white…only most of my decorations were red! I dug through my candles and even my snowmen decorations.

I finally settled on a vignette for the kitchen table using several small items on a white platter. I decided to use rock salt as “snow” to keep the items from sliding around when the platter had to be moved.

My Valentine's Centerpiece for 2015.

My Valentine’s Centerpiece for 2015.

The trouble started when I got out the “snow.” I went to set it on the table and the side split!

The box of rock salt I use as decorative snow.

The box of rock salt I use as decorative snow.

I am not sure how old the rock salt is because I have used it several times as snow. One year, I placed candles inside cobalt colored vases and used the rock salt to hold them in place.

One Christmas I sprinkled rock salt around my centerpiece to add a little more sparkle to my table.

Unfortunately, it was stored with the ice cream maker in the basement. I planned on using it every year, but never got around to making ice cream.

The box just couldn’t hold up to the humidity.

Recycling is important…but can’t be done forever.



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