My Shopping Gene is Broken

It has never happened before…I went away for the weekend…went shopping…and came home with nothing.

I used to be an expert shopper. I remember going to one retreat with $5.00 and coming home with a swimming suit from a clearance rack. I wore the belt from the suit as a scarf on the second day.

I really tried. We went to all the stores from Von Maur to Wal-Mart! I tried things on, but didn’t buy anything.

My sister-in-law was with me and she found all sorts of things.

What happened?

I blame She taught me to ask several questions before I purchased an item.

  1. Do I love it?
  2. Does it flatter my figure?
  3. Do I have three other items in my closet I can wear with it?
  4. Do I need it?
  5. Do I really have a place to wear it?

Obviously, I don’t need a prom dress! But I also don’t need those earrings that look so heavy they would be uncomfortable…or that hat that was a little too big…or that blouse in the right style, but wrong color!

I didn’t just settle. It wasn’t even about the cost. Why spend $3.00 on something I will send to Goodwill in the next year anyway.

Oddly enough, the last time I found something that was perfect was at Goodwill. It was a red jacket that was the right size, color, something I will wear often, and the price tags were still on it. I wore it to the retreat. In fact, my sister-in-law kept referring to me as “the lady in the red jacket.”

What’s my point?

I had fun last weekend…without retail therapy.

My sister-in-law guarding the men's room at Ladies Retreat. Don't all have done it!

My sister-in-law guarding the men’s room at Ladies Retreat. Don’t judge…you all have done it!


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