Senior Picture Gallery

We have three children and after they graduated, I wanted to display all of their senior pictures. (I do have a large portrait of each child in my living room.)

When we first moved into our 640 square foot home, I displayed family pictures in the big room in the basement. But the humidity got to some of them and they stuck to the glass in the frames, destroying the photos. I did not want that to happen to the senior pictures.

I decided to give each of them one wall in the hall. There is no furniture in the way to keep you from getting close to the smaller photos.

But by the time I had that idea, our oldest married and had a baby! I included an engagement photo, wedding photo, and one of the first pictures of their baby on his wall.

I didn’t pay the expense of purchasing matching frames. I think the variety of frames adds to the uniqueness of the display.


My photo gallery of senior pictures.

My photo gallery of senior pictures.

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