Re-Tweet, Not Repeat

I didn’t meet my Twitter goal.

Does that make me a Twit?

Gee, if were playing baseball, that would be 2 strikes.

Then what…I’m out?

I guess I am a little discouraged, but it’s not as big of a deal as you would think.

Maybe I didn’t garner followers on Twitter because I may have repeated myself.

Maybe I needed to find others to re-tweet.


Sometimes, we set financial goals, and when we don’t make it, we want to give up. That is the last thing we should do. Instead we should concentrate on how far we have come.

I had the goal of paying off our home before my husband and I were both 50. One birthday passed, but I didn’t give up. A month later, we made our final payment.

Goals are good, but it is more important to just keep chipping away. Pay off the debt, and keep socking back a little here and a little there.

Giving up is what makes you a twit!

A blank piece of paper to write my 2015 goals on.

A blank piece of paper to write my 2015 goals on.