Best Metal Investment

I don’t have bars of gold sewn into my mattress.

My plumbing is not made of copper.

My wedding ring is not platinum.

I did not inherit my grandmothers antique silver set.

My silverware is stainless steel, not silver.

There is no coin collection that is gaining value as we speak.

My best metal investment is one that is protecting my other investments.

It is my upholstery needle kit.

My package of assorted needles by Homecraft contains 7 needles:

  1. Carpet Sharp: Large and heavier sharp for stitching carpets and rugs.
  2. Glover: Tapered point needle with sharp edges used to sew leather and leather-like fabrics.
  3. Chenille: Sharp point needle with large eyes for crewel, candlewicking, embroidery.
  4. Tapestry: Blunt point needle used for plastic canvas, needlepoint or sewing heavy yarns.
  5. Tufting: needle for tufting repairs on upholstery, heavy materials.
  6. Small Curved: Needle used for sewing upholstery, mattresses.
  7. Large Curved: Needle used for upholstery and lampshades.

(The curved upholstery needles get the most use, but I have used all of them.)

With that kit I…

  1. Repaired the seams on torn cushions.
  2. Pulled the over-stuffed cushions on the arms and the backs of my couch back up to their original location and used the needle to attach them firmly.
  3. Used the large, curved needle to do major surgery on my couch. The front piece under the cushions was torn and the actual board was displaced. I cut the fabric the length of the board. I put the board back in place and put the vinyl piece back on top of it. I used a staple gun to attach it. I pulled all of the batting back in place and using a strong thread I sewed the cut back together. Then I spent fifteen minutes a day sewing over the seam with a satin stitch. It took several months, but when I finished I had a new-looking couch. (The seam is covered by the cushions.)
  4. Sewed up the loose seams on the upholstered chairs at church.
  5. Repaired shoes, belts, and purses.
  6. Repaired the torn upholstery, and ceiling fabric, in our van.
  7. Repaired luggage and sports bags.
  8. Repaired a baseball glove and other sports equipment.
  9. Repaired a cell phone case, see
  10. Sewed allergy screening to the base of my large, window screens, see

Yes, that was the best metal investment I have made!

Needles found in a upholstery needle kit,

Needles found in a upholstery needle kit.


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