I Didn’t Realize How Lucky I am

Last week I whined about not meeting my Twitter goal. I didn’t realize how lucky I am! I have 10 followers and I have something in common with all of them. Many I know personally.

I learned how lucky I am when I read a post called, “Why I Abandoned My Popular Social Media Presence” at “Ethical Thinker” see http://ethicalthinker.com/?category=social+media. (Thank you Daily Post at WordPress.com for bringing it to my attention!)

I am quite happy with the size of my audience. I am able to visit the blog of each person who leaves a comment, likes my post, likes my comment on another blog, or decides to follow me. Sometimes, it takes up to a week before I respond to one of the above actions, but I do get around to it. I feel like these are new friends and I am excited to see their blogs.

I used to be jealous at the number of comments on other blogs, but now I am grateful because my perfectionism requires me to respond in kind. My following is small and my audience may be quiet, but I hope that doesn’t change drastically in the future.

Thank you to all of my quiet readers who do not give me more to do than report what I have done to save money this week!

A blank piece of paper to write my 2015 goals on.

A blank piece of paper to write my 2015 goals on.