Restaurant Peach Tea Syrup Alternative

Peach Tea

Restaurant Peach Tea Syrup Alternative

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot day than a glass of ice tea. It is a very frugal drink if you brew it yourself.

All it takes is three tea bags, in a tea jar full of water, set in the sun for a couple of hours. You can also brew it on top of the stove.

It is the flavoring that adds the expense!

I love the peach tea and raspberry tea served in restaurants. The little slice of peach makes you think you could have the same flavor by adding a slice of peach to your tea at home.

But restaurants use peach flavored syrup. Some restaurants will even sell you a bottle of the syrup for around twenty bucks.

I have found a frugal alternative!!!!

You can buy canned peaches in “heavy syrup”. That heavy syrup is what you need to make peach tea. Save the syrup and add a little to your glass of tea. This is a treat you don’t want to have every day because of the extra calories.

If you prefer raspberry tea, I’ll pass along the tip I read at Debt Proof Living, a couple of years ago. When you brew your tea, add a Raspberry Tea Bag. You can buy boxes of Raspberry Tea Bags.

My son bought me an ice tea maker, but since I don’t have an ice maker in my freezer, I didn’t use it very often. Then my ice tea jar broke. I made the tea without ice in the maker. It was really concentrated, so I put it in a pitcher and added water.

I think I will always make it this way when I want to make sweet tea. I put a scoop of sugar in the bottom of the ice tea maker pitcher before I brewed the tea without ice. The hot tea helped dissolve the sugar.

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