10 “Tax Free Weekend” Rules

1. Take a list and stick to it! Prioritize the lists for each person.

2. Stick to your clothing budget or use cash. Avoid temptations; be prepared.

3. Buy only the clothes and shoes you need. Buy the size kids are wearing now.

4. Be sure the cost per item is under $100.00. You will be taxed on items over the limit.

5. Shop the clearance racks first. Some stores will have items at 70%-80% off.

6. Buy the basic items first. Underwear and socks should be at the top of your list.

7. Buy the best quality you can afford. A good pair of jeans, not 3 cheap t-shirts.

8. Take advantage of packages that have an extra. Look for bonus packages.

9. Purchase durable styles and fabrics. Classic, not trendy.

10. Remember this is not a large discount. Your discount will be 6% or 7%.

Iowa’s Tax Free Weekend is scheduled for August 1-2, 2014.

The tax-exempt savings applies only to:

Clothing under $100
Shoes under $100

Write the date you bought your shoes on the inside.

Write the date you bought your shoes on the inside.


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