I love the new commercial about “Parent’s Vacation Sales!” I’m sure the kids know they are really “Back to School Sales,” but kids and teachers alike are trying to just enjoy summer. Whatever you call it, these sales are a good time to stock up on clothing and supplies whether you are a student or not.

I do most of my writing in ring-bound notebooks. There is just something about using pen and paper that I enjoy. (Maybe it is the scent of Pentel blue ink.) During these sales, I purchase enough notebooks to last me for a year.

This is also a good time to stock up on underwear and socks! There are bonus packages with an extra pair in them.

You can find inexpensive housewares that are being targeted for college students. Think bedding, towels, small appliances, and electronics.

Don’t just shop at the big box stores. Check the flyers for dollar stores and grocery stores. They may have a limited number, but the price is set to move the stock.

You don’t have to be in school to benefit from the…ahem…”Parent’s Vacation Sales!”

Stock up on Back to School Sales,


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