Repairing Bleach Spots

My husband and I have been losing weight. I went down a dress size and he is down to the size he was after basic training over 30 years ago!


But this post is not about the unfairness of the difference of weight loss between the sexes. (I also promise not to rant on Prednisone’s ability to pack on the pounds.)

I am in between my regular size and my “Prednisone” size. (Thank God, I have only had to use it once this year!)

I refuse to spend an arm and a leg buying a wardrobe to fit my interim size. I will only need summer clothes for a few more weeks and I plan on being back to my regular size at the beginning of next summer.

I headed to Goodwill.

I found a pair of new-looking Capri shorts, in the correct size and color, but was disappointed when I saw some tiny spots. It looked like chemical over spray on them that had bleached out the black dye.

Repaired bleach spots.

Repair bleached spots.

I have a solution…a permanent marker!

I dabbed the spots with permanent marker. The marker “dyed” the bleach spots and the Capri shorts are like new again!

Repaired Bleach Spots

Repaired Bleach Spots

The best part? When I washed them, my husband thought they were my sons and put them with his clothes. Yeah…he wears a 30-32!





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