The Top Five Things I Like

New Balance Shoes

These made in America shoes are tough, sturdy, and supportive. The walking shoes are the ones recommended for post office workers who walk for miles on their routes every day. I order two pair of white shoes in the spring and alternate them each day. I order two pair of black shoes in the fall and alternate them, too.

My pumps and boots are made by their sister company, Avalon. They all have removable insoles that allows you to put in custom-made insoles. They offer shoes from narrow to 4E.

Not Your Daughter’s Jeans

Once you have a baby everything changes. After the second or third baby, most clothes look good only on the hanger! Throw in several years on Prednisone and you might feel like shopping in the maternity section. NYDJ to the rescue. They are cut different and have enough spandex in them for stretch and support. I love them.

St. Johns Bay Tees

My clothes are 100% cotton because of my sensitive skin. I love these tees from J.C. Penney because they have extra material where you need it without looking like maternity clothes. They also have a roomier cut for those who need larger than DD in that area. I have tried tees from other manufacturers, but they tend to bunch up around my arm pits. They end up in the Good Will donation box after a few months.

St. Johns Bay makes short-sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, and long-sleeve tees. They come in Vee neck, crew neck, and scoop necklines. Some are embellished and others are plain. I layer them in the cooler months.

Good Will

I can get the above brands at a fraction of the cost. I look for items with the tags still attached. People don’t want to take the time to return items when the size does not fit correctly. They throw it in a box for Good Will and I snatch them up!


I purchased one when I got tired of waiting for my turn on the desk top. At the time I was sharing it with my husband a two kids. It was not expensive. I can even write on those days that I am feeling under the weather. My favorite place to write is on the front room with a lap desk. I can look out the picture window to give my eyes a break and it’s nice to pop out the recliner on the couch!

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