The Phrase I Don’t Want to See…

“Please Refresh Your Facebook Connection!”

This is my most dreaded message because I have 650 followers on Facebook and only 120 on These are friends, relatives, and new friends that read my posts on my Facebook page “Frugal Fish.”

Yesterday, I went to a family reunion. I was pleased when Aunt Sue stopped me to tell me she was still enjoying my posts. I was shocked when my cousin Randy, who is advanced in technology, told me the same thing. I wasn’t even sure which blog to which they were referring, but I didn’t care.

This morning when I opened the “New Post Page” and saw the dreaded message, I knew I wouldn’t publish a post until it was fixed. I hit that refresh button ten times over a half an hour. I prayed for a few minutes and then decided to delete the connection and reload it.

Thank God, that worked. I didn’t want to miss my biggest fans!

Facebook has a competitor when it comes to sharing my posts. When I read through my stats I found that Pinterest was ahead by almost 50 shares, see

I laughed when I saw there was almost 200 shares from MySpace. I haven’t checked that account for over a year!

No matter how you found my blog, I’m glad you are here; and I hope you find something that will help you stretch your dollars!


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