Time to Switch Gears

I have really enjoyed the Writing 101 class. I was actually surprised at the posts that got the best responses from my friends. (It’s true…write about what you know and share a part of yourself.)

I even considered writing 5 posts a week on this blog, but that thought didn’t last long.


Because I write 7 days a week on my other blog, thisyearsbiblereadingguide.com.

And it’s time.

Every year at the first of October I start designing the “Relevant” Bible Reading Guide for next year. It is more math than English!

I start by placing holy week readings and Christmas readings. The schedule for October through December hasn’t changed since the year I based the count on the average number of words per chapter instead of the average number of verses. (See, lots of math!)

The chapters on the Gospels, (Matthew-John), are scheduled starting at the first of the year. It is easy to keep your New Year’s Resolution to read through the Bible when you are reading about the miracles Jesus Christ performed.

On Pentecost Sunday we start reading Acts and finish the New Testament. That means the chapters in 1 Samuel through Malachi have to fit in the days between the gospels, Easter, the New Testament, and end by September 30th.

Each year that I read the Bible I learn more about when each chapter was written and how they are linked to chapters in other books. I take notes and move the order of chapters around accordingly.

Moving chapters around increases understanding; but makes me have to adjust the math to get them all to fit and still be in the average. This process takes 2-4 months. (Luckily, January is already set! Whew!)

Why read the Bible?

It is the best-selling book in the world! It has been translated in every language. (Thanks Wycliffe.org!)

It is an amazing piece of literature that includes: geography, poems, songs, history, parables, prophecy, and much more. Many colleges now include a course called, “The Bible as Literature.”

The books in it are written by: shepherds, priests, prophets, kings, seers, fishermen, tax collectors, doctors, tent makers, a rich kid, desert wanderers, judges, army generals, exiles, a cupbearer, court officials, a man from a small town, a member of the royalty, disciples, a highly educated man, and two half-brothers of Christ.

There is something for everyone in the Bible. I’m excited to get started…but first things first…

…is next year a leap year?



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