Unusual Wrapping Paper

I received a late birthday present and laughed when I saw the wrapping paper. I am not surprised because she usually wraps her gifts in magazine pages, funny papers, and ads.

A uniquely wrapped birthday gift.

A uniquely wrapped birthday gift.

Once I needed wrapping paper for a lady in the office that loved watching “Oprah.” I went online and copied the top of her website. I pasted it several times on one page and then printed a few copies out. I turned them over and taped the back sides of them together.

She was so impressed with the “Oprah” wrapping paper! I never did tell her I made it. Lol

We are nearing the Christmas season and I like to wrap my gifts as I purchase them. I have my wrapping paper all ready in my office, but I may use one of these ideas for one of the gifts.

Oh yeah, the gift was exactly what you thought it was…


A late birthday present.

A late birthday present.


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