Rice Krispie Turkeys

My granddaughter was coming over for a few hours and she LOVES to cook. I looked through my ingredients to see what I needed to use up. There was a partial bag of marshmallows my son bought for S’mores and I knew I had an opened box of Cocoa Pebbles. I decided to make rice krispie turkeys.

I was bummed when I measured the cereal and found I only had half of the amount I needed. I decided to cut the recipe in half and spread them out on a cookie sheet.

Olivia, 4, was in charge of stirring…well, some of the stirring. It took a bit longer to melt the square marshmallows than it would have taken had I used miniature marshmallows.

I spread them out on a cookie sheet and waited for them to set up. I used a turkey cookie cutter and cut around it with a paring knife. Then Olivia added a chocolate chip to each one for an eye.

Cocoa Krispie Turkey Treats.

Cocoa Krispie Turkey Treats.

They weren’t fancy, but they were cute and tasty! Making half of a recipe is one way to use up ingredients.


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