The Best Leftover Soup Ever!

Last week I made a big meatloaf with baked potatoes and corn casserole, see here. I baked enough potatoes for two meals, but somebody didn’t like baked potatoes. The second night I planned on meatloaf sandwiches, and both males rejected that idea.

It’s no fun cooking for these two.

I ended up with four baked potatoes. I went online and found a recipe for Baked Potato Soup, see here. It was so good!

The meatloaf was gone, and the potatoes were used. That left a few servings of the corn casserole.


We decided to go to Pizza Ranch for lunch on Friday for the Veteran’s Day half price buffet. After throwing his dog tags on the counter as ID, Mr. Frugalfish loaded up his plate with pizza and chicken. I headed for the salad bar.

Their soup of the day was Potato Chowder. I thought, “What if I mixed the leftover corn casserole in with the leftover Baked Potato Soup?” Sunday night I combined them and we each heated up a bowl.

It was fantastic!

We are hitting the busy time of year. Let’s get creative with our leftovers.

Note: I never reheat all of the leftovers at once. I reheat one serving at a time.

I mixed corn casserole with my baked potato soup.