The Favorite Gift I Gave Last Year

I loved the quizzical look on his face as he opened it.

“But, Mom,” he exclaimed, “I already have this DVD. Remember Scott made one from the videos that year.”

I smugly replied, “Scott didn’t make a video of the second year!”

Our oldest son sang in the National FFA (Future Farmers of America) Chorus. He auditioned and sang 2 years in a row. The first year he sang a solo! Sadly, that song was not put on the DVD they sold.

The second year, he was in college when the convention rolled around. I have to admit, I was nervous! My boy drove from college in Springfield, MO to the convention in Louisville, KY. (He was smart. He timed it to drive through St. Louis early Sunday morning.)

He had not cut his hair while he was in college. Those long, curly locks looked like Charles Ingalls, on “Little House in the Prairie!”

His wife told me she had never seen him with long hair. His 3-year-old daughter had a hard time finding him in the chorus. We made it a game, “Where’s daddy?” I sat by the TV and pointed him out every time he was on camera.

That was ten years ago and she said he looked different!

Mom was here on a day my granddaughter was visiting and we watched it again. We had to play the game because she still kept missing him.

I was lucky to have a friend with equipment to convert the videos to DVD. He made copies for my mom and my husband’s dad along with our copy. For those of you who do not have such a talented friend, try Legacybox. I read about them from a post at The Inspired Room.


I had the idea a few weeks before Christmas 2 years ago. I had to wait a year until my friend had time to convert it. You might have to wait until next year to give this gift, too.

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