It Was Special to Me

I was in 1st grade when Mom had a home jewelry party. It surprised me that she bought this gold arrow pin encrusted with diamonds. I thought we were really rich.

The next day, I asked her about it. She told me it was not gold or diamonds. I still loved seeing her wear it.

Mom raised us to put more value on people than things. I taught my children the same. One day Mom and I were talking about things we valued. I said I would love the gold arrow pin with the “diamonds” in it!

She laughed because she knew its true value. Then she taped it to my birthday card and made my day! The “gold” has worn off in places. But when I look at it, I see mom in her suit ready for church.

I saw a video of Kirk Cameron giving a homemade pot pie to his grandmother. She gave him an old hammer wrapped in red tissue paper. He teared up because it was his grandfather’s hammer, who passed away 2 years ago.

Christmas is Friday and you may think it is too late. But is there something that will be priceless to one of your relatives or friends?

The pin my mother bought at a home jewelry party when I was a child.

The pin my mother bought at a home jewelry party when I was a child.


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