World’s Largest Diffuser!

Everyone wants curly hair…

…except those who do.

Most ladies with curly hair let it grow long, without bangs. The bangs tend to spring up like coils.


I was watching a one-year-old and a four-year-old because their regular babysitter had to go to the emergency room. The older one knew me; the younger one did not. She cried great, big tears when she woke up and everything was unfamiliar.

I lay her down next to the four-year-old, and said, “She just doesn’t know me.”

“It’s your wild hair,” replied the four-year-old.

I burst out laughing and shared the story with everyone for the next week. I thought it was hilarious. Oh, the honesty of children.


The truth about curly hair is you have to wash it, adjust the curls based on your hair’s temperament that day, and then sit still until it dries naturally.

But who has two hours to do that!

On Christmas Eve, I found a fantastic diffuser.

We did not have a white Christmas; it was rather warm that week. I got ready for the Christmas Eve Candlelight service a little late and my hair was still wet. I went into the living room and sat on the ottoman to wait until it was time to leave.

Moving warm air from window with fans.

My living room.

The ceiling fan was on because I had baked earlier. It is the world’s best diffuser! It dried my hair without disturbing my curls.

World's best diffuser!

World’s largest diffuser!

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