A Gift from the Heart

We returned my husband’s Christmas present last weekend. I told him I was not going to buy him another present because he just returns them! The Christmas before I bought him a Blu-Ray player and he returned it. (He got laid off a week after Christmas and decided we would need the money more than the gift.)

Now I am trying to decide what to do about Valentine’s Day. Then I thought of the perfect gift. I am going to do something that he enjoys and I abhor!

I will sit through some ball game.

It’s not that I haven’t been to ball games before, but I didn’t have much choice. I went to two St. Louis Cardinals games because the tickets were part of the perks for attending a lumberman’s convention.

I sat through a million volleyball, baseball, basketball, and football games because my kids were playing. I usually took something to do because it was only interesting when I was watching my child.

I was smart enough not to offer this gift until after the Super Bowl. That sucker takes all afternoon and evening. I also wanted to give him this gift before baseball season starts. Those games go on for hours and hours and hours and hours!

The point is…

Choose something your Valentine loves, that you don’t. (I think they call that sacrificial giving.)

P.S. “Hey, Babe, this is your card!”A red ribbon around a planter; a Kansas City Chiefs throw; and a quilt folded to expose the red blocks all serve as Valentine decorations.

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