DIY Queen Costume

Did you see me get my Grammy last night?
Oh, wait…I received my award a few weeks ago…
…but it wasn’t a Grammy.

Our church holds a Volunteer Banquet to feed, thank, and generally spoil all the volunteers. There is a catered meal, games, prizes, and “Star Awards” given to the volunteer of the year in several categories:

“In appreciation for rising to the challenge of commitment, demonstrating an attitude of excellence and sacrificing beyond expectation.”

The theme this year was “Star Wars.” I decided to go as Luke Skywalker’s mom. I have so much in common with her:
• We both have a son named Luke.
• We both have a daughter: hers is Leia and mine is Laura.
• We both married younger men.

I didn’t want to wear black clothes, with the white face makeup of Queen Amidala; and since she died in childbirth, I decided to go as the pregnant version.

The actress in the movie who played Queen Amidala wore velvet a lot. I got out the maxi dress I wore to senior prom because it had velvet on it. The dress is pink, with a wine-colored, velvet inlay and attached capelet overlay. I had to remake it a bit.

I took the cameo off of the front and replaced it with a rhinestone embellishment from my little black dress. That pin had a hole in the center. I folded over several layers of wine-colored tulle and used it to fill in the hole.

Then I made a floor length cape to go over it. I took a velour throw and hemmed one edge. The satin ribbon belt from one of my bridesmaid’s dresses made a good tie. The throw was wine colored, and the ribbon was pink.

I put a “bump-it” in my hair and combed the hair over it. I secured it in the back with a jeweled barrette and put my tiara from a Queen contest on in front. I wore crystal earrings and a crystal, beaded necklace.

Since Luke’s mom in the movie died after giving birth, I pinned some binding to a small pillow to make a baby bump. I wrapped the binding around the front and tied it.

I was all set to win the costume contest because most people said they were not going in costume. We could go in costume, wear a “Star Wars” t-shirt, or wear street clothes. (They jokingly said the only ones in costume were under the age of 40!)

I didn’t win.

Then our family won the award in the music ministry category and I had to go up on the platform…in my prom dress, looking pregnant, for pictures! David was a big help. In the first picture, he pointed to the pillow. Luckily, they took another one!

When it comes to making costumes, you do not have to rent them. Sometimes the most comfortable ones are hiding in a storage tote, or trunk, in the attic.

Queen Costume and the Star Award we won that night.

Queen Costume and the Star Award we won that night.

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