DIY St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

While shopping at Joann’s, I was looking at a pair of over-the-knee, striped, St. Patrick’s Day socks, with black lace trim, and asked my husband,

“Do you think I could pull these off?”

“Green is not your color,” he wisely replied.

I kept looking through the rest of the Shamrock themed decorations and found a wreath I really liked made of wooden cut-out hearts and decorated with Shamrocks. I looked at it closer and realized they were stickers!

They wanted $25.00 for a wooden wreath with stickers!

I had a wooden wreath, made with heart-shaped pieces, in my garage. I decided I would just make my own. Only, I didn’t have any stickers. I got out my St. Patrick’s Day decorations and found these.

Shamrock cupcake papers and picks.

Shamrock cupcake papers and picks.

I cut a heart shape out of one of the cupcake papers and glued it to the top heart in the wreath. After removing the plastic picks, I glued the Shamrocks and Lucky stickers on to my wreath. I ended up with the same wreath for free!

DIY St. Patrick's Day wreath.

DIY St. Patrick’s Day wreath.

When you look at it from the street, you cannot tell it is just a wooden wreath with stickers!

Look around your home before you buy a new decoration. You just might have what you need to make it yourself.

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