April Fool’s Day Cakes

There are decorations from the last three holidays covering my dining room table. I want to put them all away and decorate for April, but there is not a holiday in April this year…except April Fools Day.

I have made April Fool’s Day cakes, but they wouldn’t last all month because I used food as part of them.

My fake “angel food cake.”

Take a roll of toilet paper and drizzle icing over it, to make a fake “angel food cake.” The balloons came from a birthday cake we bought. They hid the hole in the center of the toilet paper.

My fake “layer cake.”

This is a 3 wick candle that I turned over, frosted with mashed potatoes, and garnished with a tomato cut into a rose.

Here is a photo of the “cakes” before I frosted them.

I flipped the three-wick candle over and frosted it. I drizzled icing on the roll of toilet paper.

The centers of my April Fool’s Day cakes.

I guess I could decorate with blue for April showers, but it will be blue outside anyway. We will just have to wait and see.

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