Boot Socks Hack

Rain is in the forecast for the next 3 days.

I am grateful there is no snow in the forecast…after all, it is Iowa! Spring in Iowa is definitely cooler than in the southern states. We save the rain boots for summer and wear our boots with socks!

Feet wearing red boots with boot socks

My favorite red boots with boot socks.

When I wear leggings, I like to have warm socks that cover the gap between them and the boots. Instead of buying “boot socks,” I borrowed some black tube socks from my husband.

He wears a size 14 and I wear a size 7. I had to fold them over a few times to get the look I wanted, but they were free!

A pair of black tube socks.

My husband’s black, tube socks.

I also like borrowing his white, button-down shirt to wear over leggings. It’s a dress on me! It’s just one of the benefits of marrying a man built like John Wayne.

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