Make Lapels Lie Flat

It has been a pet peeve of mine for years…lapels that don’t lie flat. I have sewn the lapels on my pajamas down completely because they irritate my face. I will sew a few stitches in the corners of lapels on my jackets to get them to stay down, but I couldn’t use either method on my winter coat. Sometimes, I need to flip those lapels up to keep warm!

I love my winter coat; but when it first arrived, it had one lapel that bent over. It does not want to lie flat. Every time I wash it, I pin the lapel down and hope it will lie flat after it dries.

That doesn’t work!

Coat lapels

My winter coat with bent lapel

I was washing it and decided I wanted to correct that irritating lapel before I put it in storage. My solution?


Coat with snaps

I sewed snaps on the corner of the lapel and on the coat.

The snaps keep the lapel flat and I can unsnap them when I need to close the lapels on bitter cold days.

Coat lapels.

Now the lapel behaves

We all know to repair clothing items before storing, but it is also a good time to alter them.

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