Add Meat to Favorite Vegetable Dish

Green Bean Casserole!

It makes you think of the holidays. It is one of the favorite vegetable dishes on our menus. There are other vegetable dishes that we make over and over.

Last week I wanted to make Corn Casserole (also called Scalloped Corn). It is a familiar recipe with: a can of corn, cream corn, corn muffin mix, eggs, butter, and sour cream. I just didn’t have a suitable meat dish to go with it.

It was one of those days when I didn’t feel like cooking anyway. I decided to just add cut-up cooked chicken to the recipe and call it dinner.

My family loved it!

I remember making a “casserole” after Thanksgiving using leftover “Green Bean Casserole,” turkey, and stuffing. That was also a hit!

When you are struggling to come up with an answer to “What’s for dinner?” try adding meat to your favorite vegetable dish.

Corn casserole on a plate.

Escalloped corn with chicken.

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