DIY Spring Wreath

“My kids are in trouble!”

It has always been easy to shop for me because I had a great weakness for chocolate. In fact, for my last birthday, I received chocolate in many forms, see here.

But that changed after I had my gall bladder removed. Immediately after the surgery, I asked for ice cream. (I hadn’t eaten for 1 1/2 days and my throat hurt.) The nurse asked if I preferred vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry.

“Strawberry,” I replied, “chocolate sounds gross.”

Everyone in the room gasped!

My kids are going to have to think of something outside of a Russell Stover’s box for Mother’s Day!


Flowers are also out. The last time my husband gave me flowers my allergic reaction quickly turned into a sinus infection and I was sick for a week! I am creative when decorating because the allergists asked me to remove all of my silk flowers, too.

I made a wreath with stickers in February, (see here), and I really liked having it on my front door. I wanted to turn it into a spring wreath. I turned it over because I want to reuse it next March.

I got out my box of decorations for Mother’s Day. It is full of rose accents, dishes, candles, etc. In it, I found a bag of “pot pouri” that no longer held any fragrance. I took some of the large pieces to use on my wreath.

I threaded a spiral cone around the rope from which the wreath hangs.Spiral Cone on rope

I used floral wire run through a few accents to secure them.Florist wire on back of wreath

I used packing tape in a loop on the back of the flat accents.Accent and packing tape

I shoved the accents between the hearts to help keep them in place and finished it by putting a pale, pink floral accent in the center of the spiral.Wreath

Mother’s Day is May 8, 2016

Remember – the important thing is not what your kids do for you; it is what you do for your mother…and the woman you made a mother!

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