BLT Salad

“I counted how many pieces of lettuce I had left.”

No, this is not something I do often! I usually use 2 leaves of green leaf lettuce as the base of my daily salad. My husband does our grocery shopping and I was trying to determine how soon he would need to go to the store.

I know, I’m spoiled because my husband buys the groceries. He says I spend too much money. (The last time I shopped, I bought some jewelry and spent double what he does!) He also takes the time to figure out the unit price of items and determines the best deal.

He goes to the store on days when they run specials or he schedules it around work and his other activities. I try to keep the trips down to once a week, which is why I needed to count the lettuce!

Sometimes there is an item on sale and I don’t need it. I try to use up what I already have. One week it was grape tomatoes on sale. I had plenty of them and a lot of fried bacon. I made a BLT salad.

BLT Salad


Grape Tomatoes

Bacon, fried crisp and broken into pieces


I combined the ingredients and added mayonnaise in place of dressing. I ate some crackers with it.

BLT Salad

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