Patriotic Home Tour

I invite you to take a tour of my home. I decorate with red, white, and blue, from Memorial Day until July 4th. (I will show you how I made this wreath on Thursday.)Patriotic Wreath on door

To your left, you will see star-shaped, twinkle lights in the front window and my decorative flag outside. (David filled some low spots in the lawn yesterday.)Flag through a window

Have a seat on my couch. It’s a great place to kick back, tuck the quilted pillow under your head, and cover up with the flag inspired throw.Throw and pillow on couch

You will see my planters filled with flags…Plant

…a picture of my family in 2011.Picture and candle

In the kitchen, my centerpiece is on an antique silver plate…Candles on a table runner

…accented with a brass Liberty Bell.Star shaped candles and bell

In the china cabinet are the dishes I will need for potlucks: a deviled egg dish and a trifle dish.Plates in china cabinet

The dining room table centerpiece is also star-themed. I couldn’t resist including the “Star Award” my family received in February.Candles on table runner

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