My Patriotic Bandanna Wreath

I first saw it when my sister-in-law posted the Pinterest picture on Facebook. It was a bandana wreath made with red, white, and blue bandannas. I saw it again several more times. I believe many people made it because Hobby Lobby was out of bandannas in those colors! I found red and blue bandannas at Dollar Tree and bought a white one at Joann’s.

I have a wooden hearts wreath that I decorated every month since St. Patrick’s Day. I flipped it over and made a spring wreath. I used it to make my own Patriotic Bandanna wreath.

First I cut the bandannas into fourths. I folded each square into thirds.Heart wreath and bandanna

After wrapping the folded square around the heart. I tied the ends together in the back.Back of heart wreath

I did find silver star stickers at Hobby Lobby.heart wreath and silver star stickers

I covered the blue heart with stars.Heart with stars on it

That completed my patriotic bandana wreath.Heart Wreath

Using the coupon I had, brought the total cost to $6.00.

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