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Last week I shared my patriotic themed decorations. I hope you thought the pictures were pretty. I love looking at other blogger’s homes. They always seem so perfect. Everything looks new and clean.

It’s not.

No one has a perfect house that is 100% organized all the time. That is not realistic. But, each blogger will show you only part of their home. I may never post a photo of my storage room because my son’s drum set and cases have taken it over.

The best blogs use expensive cameras, filtered lighting, and then they Photoshop their pictures before they ever publish them. I just steal my husband’s phone and shoot from the prettiest angle.

Today I will show you the ugly side of one photo.

This photo looks pretty from this angle.Candles on a table runner

But if you look closely at the white candle you will see that there are red dye and blue dye from the other candles on it.White candle

Even worse, when I burned the candles the blue candle did not burn evenly and it marred the shape.Star-shaped candle

But you can’t tell because of the angle I used when I took the photo.

My point is: when you decorate, you do not need new items; and you can use flawed decorations, just make sure the flaw is not front and center.  Items with the most character are never pristine. I could have polished the silver plate, but it would not have fit in as well.

Nothing is ever perfect. I messed up making the patriotic wreath by tying one of the bandannas on backward. Heart Wreath

Can you tell which one? I took it down, turned the bandanna and tied it on again. Now can you tell?Patriotic Wreath

It was the white one on the left.

It’s Flag day. Pull out a patriotic piece and display it until July 4th regardless of its condition!

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