Measuring Spoons on a Key Ring

“You know you haven’t cleaned your cabinet out in a while when you are  finding sippy cups in it. Oh my!” Antoinette

I am a little over halfway through cleaning and organizing my kitchen cupboards. I saw my friend Antoinette was tackling the same job. Her post was hilarious because her baby is in 8th grade!

I get the most pleasure from opening my drawers now. I gave my daughter the duplicate utensils and organized the rest.

My baking drawer was the most frustrating. After trying to find the correct measuring spoon unsuccessfully, I came up with a brainstorm.

Stainless Steel Key Rings

My metal measuring spoons came on a display rack that broke. (It lasted a few decades.) I also had a set of plastic measuring spoons. I decided to put both sets on key rings. It worked great!Measuring Spoons on a Key Ring

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