Discard Warranties in Foreign Languages

I shared before how I file my warranties in my filing cabinet. I read of one lady who kept her warranties in three-hole punched Ziplock bags. She had one category for each bag. She kept them in a large notebook.

I tried that, but I had way too many warranties because I keep them all. I also keep copies of the receipt, stapled to the warranty, and the original box.

The last time I cleaned out my filing cabinet, I decided to just keep the English warranty.  I cut off the warranties in other languages. That cut down the bulkiness of the files.

Only keep what you can read!Warranty with foreign languages cut off.

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2 thoughts on “Discard Warranties in Foreign Languages

  1. I have all the important one in a three hole binder. And for the VERY important ones, I scan the bills into Evernote. When my expensive Samsung washer “imploded” and I found the bill, I could barely see the ink. Good thing that I had it scanned!

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