Blue Dawn Cleans “Ring Around the Collar”

Iowa dirt is black. It is wonderful for gardens and fields but is hard to clean out of clothes. My husband has work shirts, that have the name of the lumberyard and his name on them. He is in and out of the two buildings all day long. When mixed with sweat, that good, old Iowa dirt blowing around made stubborn “ring around the collar.”Shirt collar

I use Dawn dish washing soap to clean grease, butter, oil, and salad dressing out of clothes. I decided to use it to tackle that “ring around the collar.” I drew a line with the Dawn and rubbed it in. I let it sit while I washed a different load of clothes.Dish soap and shirt collar

Then I scrubbed it with a brush and rinsed it thoroughly. I threw it in the wash, and when it came out, the ring was gone!Clean shirt collar

I use blue Dawn to make my laundry soap. I always have some on hand and no longer buy special soap for “ring around the collar.”

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