Frugalfish Friday

I blame Paula…and Michele. I had blogged for a week and they both told me I should start a blog about saving money.

“You have the best tips.” 

“You can stretch a dollar further than anyone I know.” 

But starting 2 blogs in the same month is crazy. I foolishly started a third blog, which I later discontinued, and a month later bought a website.


It was too much, too fast. I was writing posts for my first blog,, every day, and posts for on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My plan was to post on the third blog on Tuesday and Thursday, but I also had to learn all the technicalities of blogging.

Adding to the chaos was taking an HTML class, which taught me enough to lock myself out of my website…twice. I was studying the book, “WordPress for Dummies,” and making decisions about the nuts and bolts of two blogs and a website. (The rules are different for a website than they are for a blog.)

Last week, I read the most discouraging article, “Get More Blog Traffic,” which said he wrote 3 posts and then spent 90% of his time marketing and writing on other blogs. If you count the posts in my third blog, I have written over 3,600 posts. Sigh.

I patterned this blog the way I like to read blogs: no pop-ups, no ads, no donation requests, no affiliate marketing. I even allow you to view the entire post in your email. I did that because sometimes you have time to read a short post, but not a long one. It takes time: to hit the link, wait for the website to open, and see how long the post is.

That makes it nice for my followers, but they never have to visit the blog. That translates into no visitors and invisible comments.

My comments are invisible because they are all on my Facebook pages. Most of my followers read my posts on Facebook.

So, I took a break.

There are steps I need to take to make my blog visible. When I started blogging, I was on page 1 of Google. But now everyone blogs, and I am way down on their list. (I stopped looking after page 23.) Anyway, there are things I can do to correct that, but it will take time…lots of time.

A few years ago, I started posting to Frugalfish on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This week, I decided to post to this blog only on Fridays, at least until I can do my homework. There are 600 posts for you to read should you have withdrawal.

But that means my Facebook friends will have to actually go to my blog!

I’ll see you next Frugalfish Friday!

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