Jewelry at a Glance

Years ago, I had my clothes in the laundry room and David’s clothes were in the bedroom closet. There is blue foam covering the laundry room walls. I used straight pins to hang my necklaces, bracelets, and fabric scrunchies on it. I got teased about being OCD but I loved seeing everything displayed.

Unfortunately, it was not a good plan for allergies.

Everything was open to the room and eventually, the clothes got dusty. I had to take it all down and moved my clothes back upstairs. Now we call the laundry room “The Locker Room” because David and Derek store their clothes there. (We use allergy screens now and an allergy furnace filter and they do not get dusty.)

I keep my clothes safely behind closed doors but I still display my jewelry. I bought a bulletin board and mounted it behind the bedroom door.

I purchased several new pieces of jewelry on our weekend in Mason City and Clear Lake, Iowa. I had to redo my jewelry board.

First I removed the items I no longer wear and all the sterling silver. They tarnished when I left them out. I moved them to a closed jewelry box. I sorted the earrings in one bowl and the bracelets in another bowl.

Separate necklaces, bracelets, and earrings "Jewelry at a Glance"

I hung the necklaces using T-pins and arranged them on the board by color.

Arrange the necklaces "Jewelry at a Glance"

The bracelets filled in holes left by the necklaces. Some of them I hung on the T-pin with the matching necklace.

Add bracelets "Jewelry at a Glance"

I put my earrings in 4 hole buttons and placed them in the remaining spaces. I used straight pins to hang them. I hung them by color near to the necklaces I would wear with them.

Hang earrings in the spaces "Jewelry at a Glance"

As you can see, I have room for more Navy colored earrings!

Next week I will show you the daybed I put together for under $135.00!

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