The Investment That Never Stops Multiplying

“If you do what is right, won’t you be accepted? …” Genesis 4:7.

Christian Standard Bible

Today I read about Cain and Abel. Cain brought some produce and Abel offered a lamb. Abel’s sacrifice was accepted and Cain’s was not. He knew a sacrifice required blood. When his parents Adam and Eve sinned, God sacrificed animals and made clothing from the skins for them, (see Genesis 3:21).

Cain also didn’t give the first of his harvest, called the “first fruits.” He brought “some” of the land’s produce. A sacrifice comes from the first items harvested.

Our gifts to God come from the top. We cannot honor God by giving him what is leftover.

Everything we give to God is a seed. You harvest what you plant. Plant the best!

Giving to God is like becoming pregnant. The child grows and no one knows they are there. After several months, it is obvious a child is growing. Soon, everyone can see the new baby.

The child never stops growing. Years later, the child gives you a grandchild and they both keep growing. The grandchild matures and gives you a great-grandchild. Your child is still growing even as a grandparent!

Every seed given to God will give birth to something. The seed never stops growing or producing.

Like an acorn that grows into an oak tree. How many acorns are produced over the lifetime of an oak tree?

And the oak trees from the acorns born the first year produce an immeasurable number of acorns. And they just keep multiplying.

We invest money hoping to add to our net worth. But the money we give to God multiplies and never stops.

It’s harvest time in Iowa. The farmers with the best yields planted the best seeds.

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