frugalfish story

I became unemployed December 31, 2007. (Due to a health issue, I cannot work outside of my home.) God honored our stewardship and we were able to pay off our credit cards and auto loan in April 2009. We are now living on 63% of our 2007 income. My husband, David, got laid off January 2, 2015.

After 3 months of unemployment, he got a job with the company that purchased his former employer’s building. During that time we spent only $100.00 of our emergency fund. We still saved and invested in our retirement fund.

We paid off our home in December 2011 and paid cash to replace our van in November 2013. (I have subscribed to, for years. It has been an invaluable resource.)

We have three grown children: Luke, Laura, & Derek, and one granddaughter, Olivia. When Luke married Bethany in November 2009 we were able to pay our share of the expenses without going into debt.

All three of our children were able to buy vehicles without us co-signing the loan.

My husband did not make six figures. When we both were working we got about halfway there.

I am a musician who plays keyboard a couple of times a week for church. I enjoy singing, reading, romantic movies, Soduko, crosswords, puzzles, sewing, embroidery, painting figurines, quilting, knitting, and being a comedienne…especially when I am under stress!

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