frugalfish story

I became unemployed December 31, 2007. (Due to a health issue, I cannot work outside of my home.) God honored our stewardship and we were able to pay off our credit cards and auto loan in April 2009. We are now living on 63% of our 2007 income. My husband, David, got laid off January 2, 2015. The company went out of business at the end of that month.

After 3 months of unemployment, he got a job with the company that purchased his former employer’s building. During that time we spent only $100.00 of our emergency fund. We still saved and invested in our retirement fund.

We paid off our home in December 2011 and paid cash to replace our van in November 2013. (I have subscribed to, for years. It has been an invaluable resource.)

2016 Update:

  • January – health insurance premium increased 65%.
  • February – furnace cracked releasing carbon monoxide and we replaced it.
  • March – emergency gallbladder surgery.
  • April – replaced the central air.
  • May – our washer broke.
  • June – computer struck power surge.

We adjusted our budget twice for the health insurance premium and again to make payments to the hospital. We were saving for a new furnace and air conditioner, but God covered most of the bill. The washer put our “new appliances” category of our budget in the hole for a few months.

2017 Update: We earmarked most of our income tax refund to the hospital bill and paid it off three months early! Our youngest son got engaged. Now we are saving for a wedding!

We painted our house, repaired and painted our shed and installed a new garage door and garage door opener – without borrowing.

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

We have three grown children: Luke, Laura, & Derek, and one granddaughter, Olivia. When Luke married Bethany in November 2009 we were able to pay our share of the expenses without going into debt.

All three of our children were able to buy vehicles without us co-signing the loan. Our daughter bought a house, without us co-signing the loan, November 2017.

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

My husband did not make six figures. When we both were working we got about halfway there.

I am a musician who plays keyboard a couple of times a week for church. I enjoy singing, reading, romantic movies, Soduko, crosswords, puzzles, sewing, embroidery, painting figurines, quilting, knitting, and being a comedienne…especially when I am under stress!

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8 thoughts on “frugalfish story

  1. Great story. You have taken many negative events in your life and have turned them into a positive venture. Others might have felt beaten down by “life” but you seem to have a great attitude about all those unfortunate occurrences. There is a lot of financial wisdom in the Bible. A lot of it common sense which many of us lack when it comes to finances.

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