Christmas Gift Projects

Christmas decorations and supplies are in stores. Some are upset and feel like we are rushing the season. But, for those of us who are crafty and make some of our gifts, we are happy to see it.

In May, the rage on Pinterest was patriotic, bandanna wreaths. I wanted to make one using my existing wreath. Imagine my surprise, when I went to Hobby Lobby a week before Memorial Day and found they were out of the red, white, and blue bandannas! I had a red one at home but had to go to 2 different stores to buy blue and white ones.

Don’t let that happen to you!

Christmas is six months away. If you would like to make gifts, now is the time to start! Get supplies while there is a good selection and you have plenty of time to complete it. I spent one Christmas Eve finishing up sewing projects and I don’t recommend it!

If you would like to make gifts, here are a few ideas:

Dehydrated Herbs

Jar of dehydrated parsley

Homegrown, dehydrated parsley.

Individual Freezer Apple Pies

Top of jar

I put labels with the baking directions on top of the jars.

Carved Wooden Statue

Man by carved wood ear of corn

It took one month from start to finish.

Blanket-Stitched Kitchen Towels

2 Christmas towels

The kitchen towels I added blanket-stitch yarn to for Christmas gifts.

Puzzle Board

Board with partially finished puzzle on it

My puzzle board.

Coffee Mug Cozie

Cup with knitted Cozie around it

Coffee Cup Cozie

Painted Picture Frames

Picture with a painted frame.

The pictures third frame


Sashay scarves on a table runner

Two Sashay yarn scarves I knitted.

Tee Shirt Quilt

Tee shirt quilt

Tee shirt quilt I made for my son.

 It’s time to go through your craft items to see what you already have on hand.

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Ornaments from Christmas Cards

Save those Christmas Cards!

(I realize everyone is laughing because very few send Christmas cards anymore.)

I remember one year my family sent 100 cards. Most of them went to the children at the daycare where I was the bookkeeper! I send, or pass out, only a box of cards now.

My friend, Bev, showed me how she makes ornaments out of Christmas cards. She made several for the residents of the nursing home. These boxes can be used as small gift boxes for a ring or earrings. They would also look cute as “presents” under a mini tree.

Christmas Card Ornaments

  1. For the top box, choose the center and measure out 2 1/2 inches in all directions. This will give you a 5″ square. The measurement from corner to corner is 7″ or 3 1/2″ from the center.
  2. Cut out square.
  3. Draw a line from corner to corner to find the center.
  4. Fold points into the center of the box.
  5. On the sides, fold again and cut to the fold about 3/4″ from edges.
  6. Fold top and bottom side again.
  7. Form box by putting flaps from top and bottom under folded sides.
  8. For the bottom, choose the center and measure out 2 1/4″ in all directions. The box will be approximately 4 3/4″. Corners approximately 3 1/4″ from the center.
  9. Follow steps 2-7.
  10. For an ornament, punch two holes into the sides of one corner on each box.
  11. Put boxes together.
  12. Thread ribbon through the holes and tie a knot.
4. Fold points to center.

4. Fold points to the center.

5. Cut sides to 2nd fold.

5. Cut sides to 2nd fold.

6. Fold top and bottom, putting flaps on the sides.

6. Fold top and bottom, putting flaps on the sides.

7. Fold sides over flaps from top and bottom.

7. Fold sides over flaps from top and bottom.


Ornament or gift boxes from Christmas cards.

Ornament or gift boxes from Christmas cards.

For another way to recycle those Christmas cards, see here.

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Gift for Wife? Do Something on the List

It’s Christmas Eve and men are notorious for waiting until the last minute to get a gift. But what if you don’t even have an idea of what to get her?

Every wife has a “honey do” list. They are things that she wants her husband to do when he has some time. Some things stay on the list for years!

If you still have not found the perfect gift, then take the time to do one of the things on her list. Don’t make a coupon saying you will do it. Just do it!

A gift of time is more precious than a gift of money.

Gift for the Woman Who Has Everything

Do you have a lady in your life who says she doesn’t need anything?

You still have time to make her this handy-dandy purse organizer.

I got the directions from  (Type purse organizer in the search box.)

She used pretty fabric and facing. I just grabbed a pair of old jeans with a good leg and cut two pieces out of it.

There are many purse organizers on the market, but some are heavy and the flimsy ones dump your items out. I like using denim because it is so durable and washable. I didn’t have to use facing because the material is sturdy enough on its own.

Denim Purse Organizer