Same Bandannas, Different Wreath

Last year, I shared my version of a patriotic, bandanna wreath. This year I used the same bandanna pieces on my new grapevine wreath. When I made the first wreath, I cut the blue bandanna in half but didn’t cut both halves again. I used the uncut half to make a ribbon. I just folded it into a bow and tied it with a matching thin ribbon.

Patriotic Bandanna Grapevine Wreath, "Same Bandannas, Different Wreath"

The lighted glass block has red glass stones and blue glass marbles. I wrapped the copper lights around the base to reflect through the red stones. Instead of adding something white on top, I stuck silver stars on the outside of the block. (I found the revolutionary war soldiers at the Bargain Box.)

Patriotic Glass Block, "Same Bandannas, Different Wreath"

I made the centerpiece for my table with items from at the Dollar Store. The star-shaped, flameless, votive candles fit nicely in the star-shaped dishes. I found three of them at Goodwill a few months ago.

Dollar Store Patriotic Tablescape "Same Bandannas, Different Wreath"

I put a fourth star-shaped dish in the china cabinet behind a resin cardinal that I picked up at Dollar General. I found another cobalt vase at Goodwill and used it to provide symmetry on my vignette.

Patriotic Cardinal and Strawberry Candles "Same Bandannas, Different Wreath"

Happy Independence Day!

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But We’ve Always Done It That Way…

I’ve shared many times my love of decorating for seasons and holidays. (Not many people have a box marked “Mother’s Day Decorations.” Lol)

I set out Patriotic decorations from Memorial Day until after July 4th. I even put small flags in my potted plants in honor of Flag Day!

I spend the most time making a centerpiece for my tables. Last year, I created a centerpiece out of some blue dishes, a Christmas tray, and a flameless candle, see here.

When I was getting out my decorations this year, I wanted a simpler centerpiece. I decided to go with star-shaped candles.

We get into trouble when we try to make each year bigger and better than the last. We spend more money, more time, more effort, but get a smaller return. Sometimes, we find we have just run up the credit card bill.

If I am in the mood for an extravagant dinner party, I will iron the napkins and tablecloths and get out the china. But sometimes, life is just busy and I will use paper plates. Other times, I use my every day dishes and jazz up the centerpiece.

My point is every holiday dinner does not have to be perfect…or formal. Sometimes we just need to keep it simple. The most frugal thing you can do is Use What You Have!

P.S. I made the runner in the photo. I just laid another runner I liked over the material and cut it out with an extra inch all around. I sewed it together and quilted it by hand. I used two different materials, a scrap of quilt batting, and made it reversible.

My 2015 Patriotic centerpiece with my homemade runner.

My 2015 Patriotic centerpiece with my homemade runner.