Don’t Start Over, Tweak Your Decorating

Last week I put away my Valentine’s Day decorations and pulled out the Shamrocks! Normally, I build a centerpiece from scratch, but I really liked the vignette I created for Valentine’s Day, see I decided to remove the Valentine’s and add a little green.

We need to take this approach to all of our decorating. It is tempting to trash everything in a room and start over, but each piece has a story and memories attached to it. It is better to tweak our decorating.


  1.  Remove clutter.
  2. Take out a piece or two.
  3. Replace just one item, i.e. worn out furniture.
  4. Add just one item from another room, i.e. area rug.
  5. Make a replacement from scratch, see Bookshelves to Bookcase

I was amazed when we moved an area rug from the living room to under the kitchen table. I fell in love with it all over again!

St. Patrick’s Day Centerpice



I was decorating for St. Patrick’s Day and wanted something to put inside the green bowl on my kitchen table. I would have loved a floral arrangement, but I cannot use them due to allergies. I still wanted something natural.

Then I remembered that many Irish families immigrated to America after “The Great Potato Famine.” I decided to use potatoes.

Potatoes substitute for flowers.

(I had to change my menu for dinner tonight because I have friends coming over and I don’t want to ruin my centerpiece!)

In my dining room, I filled the bowl with pine cones. It will double as the centerpiece for my oldest son’s birthday. He likes John Deere Tractors and the Packers Football Team. It will not be hard to spruce it up for his dinner.

Pine cones fill the bowl in my dining room.